Building Second Chances

shutterstock_53960686_B&WHomeAid Puget Sound builds, remodels and maintains housing for charities that serve the homeless.

We are a nonprofit organization that partners with local homebuilders and remodelers to develop land and build and maintain homes, apartments and shelters for other qualifing nonprofit care providers who help homeless people get back on their feet.

HomeAid Puget Sound matches licensed, professional, insured homebuilders and remodelers with a project that fits their scope and size of work and charitable interests. This match allows nonprofit care providers to focus their energy and resources on providing direct services to the homeless while builders and remodelers provide construction-related technical assistance, in-kind labor, donated materials and build homes that are equal quality to its neighbors at a fraction of the cost.

The HomeAid Puget Sound model is the gift that keeps on giving. The homes we build and remodel are often used as a “transitional place” for a family or individual to get back on their feet. Once they stabilize and are able to move on to self-sufficiency, the residence in which they were living becomes available for the next person or family that needs help.

Our three-step process is simple and proven:

  • Identify and select a successful care provider that seeks construction services to build a new facility or renovate an existing structure.
  • Recruit a volunteer builder captain who manages the construction of the facility and assists in securing trade partners (plumbers, carpenters, painters, electricians, etc.) to provide in-kind labor, materials or services.
  • Work together to build or renovate the facility, with a goal of serving a larger number of homeless children, women and men. When complete, the facility is owned and operated by the nonprofit service provider.

HomeAid Puget Sound leverages donations from the community to accomplish more with less and relies heavily on donated time, materials, services, labor and expertise to build homes. Whether you are a licensed trades person, a homebuilder or another professional looking for an important cause to support, HomeAid Puget Sound needs your help. Contact us today to find out how you can help.